What Kinds of Fish Do Big Bass Eat?

What Kinds of Fish Do Big Bass Eat?
The feeding habits of big bass vary slightly from fish to fish. But for the most part, what bass eat depends largely on what's available where they live. Most bass will eat anything they can get into their mouth, and some are so aggressive that they even will eat other bass.


Large bass eat large meals and, although they can eat a lot of smaller fish, they prefer to eat a couple of big ones. Bass eat bluegills, despite the bluegill's spiny exterior. Bluegills are an extremely important prey; they can grow up to 10 to 12 inches long, providing a sufficient meal for big bass.


Bass are mostly shoreline feeders, so their diet is made up of the types of forage they find there. John Odenkirk of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says that bass will eat anything in their habitat, which can include crawfish and other animals like insects, frogs, snakes and lizards.

Threadfin Shad

Threadfin shad might be the favorite food of large bass, according to Fred Cross, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologist. Biologists find threadfin shad in the stomachs of bass more often than any other forage food. However threadfin shad are not present in all lakes and ponds. They are only in water with a green or light brown hue, indicating the presence of plankton.

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