Camping Tents for Truck Beds

Camping Tents for Truck BedsCamping tents for truck beds allow you sleep above the ground while staying warm and dry. The tents are designed to fit the specific dimensions of the truck bed. Once erected, the camper has room for an air mattress and gear storage. The area is large enough to sleep two to three people in most trucks but some tents come with extensions that allow for more people and extra gear storage.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent

The Kodiak Canvas truck tent uses a high ceiling and sturdy design. The tent fits most short bed trucks with the tailgate down. The canvas material is waterproof and more durable than the common nylon tent shells. It is also heavier and requires more space for storage. The ceiling is 5 feet high and the five windows allow sunlight to enter. It uses several clamps and straps to secure the poles and canvas to the truck bed and the interior has two gear pockets. The tent is similar to a wall tent in construction and it has high user reviews from customers.


Adventure Truck Tents

Adventure Truck Tents are designed to fit most model trucks. The tents use bug proof mesh for ventilation and have a window that connects to sliding truck windows. The tent is waterproof and uses a nylon cover to reduce the weight and size when packed. The overall weight is only 12 lbs. It can also be used on trucks with or without tool boxes. The tent does not have a floor because it hangs over the truck bed and does not allow water to enter. The height of the tent varies depending on the truck model but it has enough head room to stand inside. It is also has high ratings from Off

Sportz Truck Tent

Sportz manufactures several truck tent models. The Truck Tent is a patented model with a tent floor, high ceiling and awning. The ceiling is over 5 feet 6 inches high and the two windows and ceiling use mesh for bug protection and ventilation. The exterior fits over the side of the truck to allow water runoff and the interior has several gear pockets. The shell is waterproof polyester and the tent is moderately heavy at 18 lbs. The extra weight can be reduced by leaving the awning behind but it does provide a shaded sitting area outside of the truck.


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