Camping Supplies for a Dog

Camping Supplies for a DogCamping with a canine is a pleasure for owner and pet. The well-behaved dog provides companionship, a feeling of protection, and even a helping hand. For the dog, time in the woods means new sights, sounds and smells, and an opportunity to further the bond with its master. Happily for both pet and pet owner, supplies exist to help keep a dog healthy and happy during his time in the woods.

Dog Leash

Not only is it the law in most areas, but leashing your dog keeps him safe and under control at all times. It is also a polite gesture to other hikers/campers, who may not share your enthusiasm for Fido.

Identification Tag

If your dog doesn't already have one, get him an identification tag. If your dog wanders off into the woods, you may be relying on the kindness of strangers to return him. Without an identification tag to reference, they are not going to know how to contact you.


Dog bedding does not have to be elaborate, and you certainly do not want something bulky. Foldable dog beds are available, and are easy to transport. Be sure to augment any bed with a piece of tarp. Plastic tarp laid beneath the bed will help keep him dry.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Ideal for outdoor use, the non-porous collapsible dog bowl can be used as a food dish or water bowl. Made of rugged nylon, collapsible dog bowls are easy to clean and fit nicely into a pack.

Pet Emergency Kit

Designed especially for pets, these kits include everything from antibiotic ointments to insect sting relief pads. The kits are small and can be tucked away inside a pack. While you may not need it, the pet emergency kit provides the pet and pet owner with a solution in the event that the animal is injured.


While shoes for dogs may seem silly, dog-specific booties protect your dog's footpads. Footpads can become torn when trekking over rocky surfaces, and booties provide necessary cushion. In cold weather, booties protect your dog's paws from cold and discomfort.

Dog Pack

Place many of your dog-specific camping items into a pack that is specially designed to fit onto the dog's back. These packs are light and adjustable. Some packs may include a collapsible dog bowl and water bottles. The dog pack is a convenient way to consolidate dog supplies without overburdening your animal.


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