Bike Trails in Michigan

Bike Trails in Michigan
Biking is available in many Michigan State Parks and Forest areas. The state's scenic peninsulas and diverse plant and wildlife provides stimulating trails to bicyclist of all levels. Plenty of recreational and camping facilities are also available near trails. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the state's 11,000 lakes and 36,000 miles of rivers puts you within 20 minutes of water regardless of where your bike path is.

Osceola Pathway

The Osceola Pathway bike trail is 1/2 mile in length and is located six miles east of LeRoy. Access the trail from Leverentz Lake State Forest Campground at U.S. 10 and Forest Drive. This trail has features water views, a sandy forest and flat to gently rolling terrain. Hiking, boating, fishing and camping are also available nearby.


Bridge to Bay Trail

This trail is a section of the St. Clair County Bridge to Bay Trail. The bike path length is 1 mile, but the complete trail spans 54 miles in St. Clair County. Various sections of this trail encompass boardwalks and river walks. Enjoy natural features of the bike path including oak savannas, prairie plants and butterflies. Access is at 8732 River Road in Algonac State Park.

Days River Natural Area

This biking trail is within the Escanaba Forest Area, located in the South Central Upper Peninsula of the state. The trail is 3/4 miles with natural forest covers like cedar, aspen and northern hardwoods. Other trail features include mixed swamp conifer. The trail is also open for hikers. Access is two miles north of Kipling on Old U.S. 2.


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