Mountain Climbing Tools

Mountain Climbing Tools
Mountain climbing, also called mountaineering, is an exhilarating sport that involves backpacking, hiking and climbing mountains. You need a variety of tools for efficient climbing as well as for safety reasons. Choose your mountain climbing tools and gear depending on the specific type of climbing you participate in.


Rope is an important and necessary mountain climbing tool. They come in different types and sizes. Choose a rope that is tailored to the specific type of climbing you intend to do as this enables you to climb more efficiently and safely. However, you can have a rope that also works for many climbing terrain. The most common type is the 60-meter-long dry rope that is 9.8 mm to 10.2 mm in diameter. This rope works as an all-around versatile tool for many climbing situations.


A harness connects you to the climbing rope. This tool is necessary for safety as well as comfort. Fit is key when it comes to choosing one. Choose a harness that suits your body shape and one that meets the demands and needs of your climbing style. Harnesses are available for general purpose climbing, alpine, big wall and competition climbing. Different types of harnesses include loop/waist belt, diaper style, full body, chest, and women's cut.


Crampons are a necessity especially when you are an ice climber. Crampons prevent you from slipping on ice and snow. Choose your crampons based on activity. For general mountaineering, use ones that are steel with semi-rigid construction and fixed horizontal front point type that is a hybrid, strap-on or step-in, according to REI experts. Aside from steel, crampons are also constructed with aluminum frame materials that are better suited for ski mountaineering and alpine climbs.


You also need a mountain climbing helmet to protect your head from overhead debris and other types of impact. Helmets also offer protection in case of an accident fall. Different types of helmet are available in the market including suspension and foam helmets.

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