Banff National Park Campsites

Banff National Park Campsites
Situated in the remote Rocky Mountain wilderness of western Alberta, Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada. Its vast wilderness and northern climate combine to create a veritable outdoor wonderland for hikers, birders, climbers, anglers and even scuba divers during the summer. When the winter snows settle in, the park turns over to sports like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice waterfall climbing. Camping, however, is an activity Banff National Park supports throughout the year.

Tunnel Mountain Village II

Tunnel Mountain Village II is roughly two miles from the town of Banff. Although it is the smaller of the two campgrounds in the area, Village II is open year-around, a serious consideration in an area as known for its skiing as its hiking. The campground offers a mixture of drive-in joint tent-and-RV campsites, as well as hike-in, tents-only campsites. The joint tent-and-RV sites have electrical hook-ups with 15- and 30-amp electricity. All campsites have picnic tables, but some are serviced by a central kitchen with wood-burning stoves instead of firepits. The campground also has a central bathhouse with hot showers and firewood sales. The campground accepts reservations for a limited number of campsites, with the rest operating on a first-come, first-serve footing.

Banff National Park
Box 900
Banff, AB T1L 1K2

Castle Mountain

Open from early June to early September, Castle Mountain has 43 joint tent-and-RV campsites in a forested area alongside a fast-moving creek. All campsites consist of a gravel parking strip with an adjoining grassy area equipped with a picnic table and firepit, but firewood is only available to those who purchase a permit. The campground is serviced by a central restroom with hot water, but that restroom has no showers. However, Castle Mountain Campground is within walking distance of a restaurant, a small store and a gas station. The campground operates on a self-registration system and a first-come, first-serve basis. Castle Mountain is off the Bow Valley Parkway and between Lake Louise and the town of Banff.

Two Jack Main

Two Jack Main is on the Lake Minnewanka Loop Drive, roughly 9 miles from the town of Banff and a five-minute drive from Two Jack Lake. Consisting of 380 campsites, most of which are joint tent-and-RV sites, the campground is situated amid a thick pine forest and frequently visited by bighorn sheep. Restrooms with hot water and flush toilets are scattered throughout the campground, but no showers are available at Two Jack Main. All campsites have a gravel parking strip and an adjoining grassy area with a picnic table and firepit, but firewood is only available with the purchase of an additional fire permit.

Mosquito Creek

Mosquito Creek is the smallest campground in Banff National Park, and located 15 miles from Lake Louise on the Icefields Parkway. The campground has views of the cliffs of Mount Hector and is open year-around. The 32 campsites are equipped with fire rings, while the campground as a whole is serviced by hand-pumped well water, pit toilets and a central kitchen with wood-burning stoves.

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