Types of Fish That Are Found in Shallow Salt Water

Types of Fish That Are Found in Shallow Salt Water
These fish are some of the most commonly found shallow, salt-water fish in North America. These fish are easy to find on either coast and well-known to any fisherman.


Flounder are a great-tasting, well-known game fish found in coastal waters from the southern Gulf of Maine to Florida. The most popular variety is the summer flounder, which may weigh up to 26 lbs. with a length of more than 37 inches. In the warmer months, flounder inhabit inshore areas, but the bigger fish are in deeper water.

Permit Fish

Found in the Western Atlantic Ocean, permit fish are likely to be in shallow tropical waters with muddy bottoms and sometimes-brackish waters too. They are often found in small schools close to the shore, but when they spawn, they are found in deeper waters. These fish have very large eyes and can see well underwater, so caution should be used in your approach.

Spotted Seatrout

Most commonly found in estuaries in the southern United States, the spotted seatrout have excellent flavor and texture. It's easiest to find seatrout in the early morning or in the evening. As the day gets warmer, these fish move to deeper waters such as the drop-offs around grass flats, channels or around oyster reefs.


Halibut move seasonally between shallow and deep waters. Mature fish move to deeper offshore areas in the fall to spawn and return to the shallower feeding areas in the early summer. Halibut are a popular Alaskan fish. They are found throughout most of the marine waters of Alaska along the Aleutian Chain and in the waters of the southeastern Alaska panhandle.

Article Written By Anne Marie LeFevre

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