Activities in Kruger National Park

Activities in Kruger National Park
Kruger National Park is a game reserve in South Africa that offers wildlife viewing and hunting grounds for tourism and recreational purposes. Kruger National Park is the flagship of all other national parks in South Africa with its diverse ecological environment of 336 species of trees, 49 species of fish and 147 species of mammals, according to the South Africa National Parks Organization. The park hosts a variety of recreational activities that lasts anywhere from a couple of hours to a number of days.

Bush Braais

Visitors can experience a Bush Braais--a game drive that includes a feast cooked on an open fire. A game drive is a safari trip into the wilderness to view animals in their natural habitat. Bush Braais starts with a safari trip, then a feast and some night game viewing for the trip back. The feast is held at an open area filled with fires and burning lanterns. Food is then grilled while distant animals can be heard from the background. A variety of food, such as salads, vegetables, sausages and game meat, is offered along with desserts and coffee. Different types of Bush Braais are offered but the standard one departs during the afternoon with an hour game drive to the feast. The return drive consists of some night game viewing that lasts for about 30 minutes.


Visitors can explore the park by backpacking. A variety of wilderness trails, such as the Mphongolo trail, a primitive backpacking trail that lasts for four days and three nights, provide plenty of options. Wilderness trails give visitors the opportunity to get closer to nature and traverse unspoiled terrain on foot. Visitors can leave their car at one of the camps like Shingwedzi Camp to start the hike with experiences trail rangers. Backpackers must bring their own camping gear and food supply as well as tents.

Mountain Biking

Kruger National Park has numerous mountain biking trails that are similar to guided bush walks. The base camp for the mountain biking trails is at the Olifants camp right by the Olifants River. The guides give a bush interpretation featuring nature sights and wildlife sightings. Groups are guided by two experienced and armed field guides. The Olifants Camp supply the mountain bikes but visitors are allowed to use their own. Other gear, such as backpacks, helmets, water bottles and snacks, are also provided as part of the mountain biking package. Guests can choose between morning and afternoon mountain biking tours. Only cyclists age 16 and above are permitted on the trails.

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