Camping Recipe for Chicken Stuffing

Camping Recipe for Chicken StuffingChicken stuffing may sound like a difficult dish to prepare on a camping trip but all of the ingredients are available in ready-to-eat forms that can be carried along with you almost anywhere. Plan ahead to avoid forgetting any crucial ingredients and ensure that you have everything you need to whip up a batch of chicken stuffing for your group of hungry campers.


The main ingredient of most stuffing recipes is bread cubes. You can cut bread at home and carry it in a sealed plastic bag or simply purchase a box of stuffing mix to take with you on your camping trip. If you would like to add rice to your stuffing, cook it at home before your trip because the rice will take a long time to cook on the campfire and the other ingredients in your stuffing may burn during this time. Add any ingredients you like to the bread cubes such as dried fruit, chopped nuts, seasonings and canned chicken. Canned chicken is a good alternative to carrying raw chicken while camping because you do not need to worry about keeping it cold.


Mix all of your chicken stuffing ingredients together in a bowl. Drain the canned chicken to remove the water from the can before you add the chicken to the stuffing. Once all of the dry ingredients are mixed together, you need to add a liquid to provide moisture for your stuffing and keep it from drying out in the campfire. You have several options including water, juice, soda or any other beverage you have on hand. If you would like a chicken-flavored liquid, mix a little chicken bouillon powder into a cup of water. Add just enough liquid to moisten the dry ingredients. You want the stuffing to be wet enough to clump together and form balls but not so wet that water pools in the bottom of the bowl and the stuffing falls apart. Form the stuffing into one ball for each person that will be eating. Place each stuffing ball on a sheet of aluminum foil and fold the sides of the foil in to completely cover the stuffing. Roll up the ends of the foil tightly to create a packet and press down on the packet to flatten the stuffing ball.


Place the packets into the coals of the fire for about 10 to 15 minutes. You only need to cook the chicken stuffing long enough to heat it through because all of the ingredients are already cooked and safe to eat. Once the stuffing is hot, carefully remove it from the coals using tongs or a stick. The aluminum foil will cool within a few minutes of being removed from the coals but be careful when you open the packet as hot steam may be trapped inside. Let each person eat the stuffing directly out of the foil packet with a fork.

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