The Best Shower Enclosures for Camping

The Best Shower Enclosures for Camping
It's easy to take a shower for granted until you need one, and what could be worse than going to bed sweaty and dirty after a long hike? Even if public showers are available, you might want to avoid them if it's been a while since your last tetanus shot. The obvious solution is a portable shower you can set up yourself and use whenever you want. Get a well-draining design that has a vented canopy and places to store your toiletries and towels.

Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower

Texport's Deluxe Camp Shower lives up to its name with heavy-duty, polyurethane-coated nylon taffeta walls and a rainfly that are fire retardant. The shower enclosure is 7 1/4-foot tall by 4 1/2-foot square. It's supported by rust-resistant steel poles that are chained together. It also has a rip-stop polyethylene floor that is easily removed for cleaning. Two mesh panels in the canopy provide plenty of light and ventilation, and a shower caddy and towel bars keep everything within easy reach. The Deluxe Camp Shower is priced from $70 to $120 (as of 2010) and comes with a five-gallon shower, stakes and a carry bag.


Cabela's Shower Shelter

Cabela's Shower Shelter has the same dimensions and overall design as Texport's Deluxe Camp Shower but it lacks a floor. It more than makes up for this with its well-thought-out and refined enclosure. The Shower Shelter is easy to set up with a powder-coated steel frame that's connected by chains and a coated, rip-stop nylon canopy that snaps to the frame. The canopy has a mesh top for good air circulation and it's covered by a rip-stop nylon rainfly that has built-in skylights to improve visibility. Two mesh windows with zip-up nylon privacy shades let in additional light, and a large zippered door makes it easy to get in and out. The Shower Shelter has a detachable towel and clothes rack you can reach from inside, and inside it has a mesh corner rack for your toiletries with a waterproof bottom shelf that holds toilet paper. You can even stash keys, a wallet and other pocket items on a separate mesh rack at the top of the canopy. Cabela's Shower Shelter comes with a five-gallon solar shower, stakes and a carry bag and it sells for $100 to $130 (as of 2010).

ZODI Hut Shower Enclosure

ZODI's spacious shower enclosure is almost 4-foot wide per side. An oversize, removable floor keeps your feet clean, and the enclosure walls are elevated above it to keep them dry and allow for drainage. There's no overhead canopy to reduce ventilation and visibility, but four mesh interior pockets offer plenty of storage for your toiletries and personal effects. The Hut's coated nylon walls are waterproof and their corner straps can be secured with stakes or any heavy object. What really sets this shower apart from the competition is its ingenious, no-zip overlapping door that shuts behind you with its self-closing hinges. The Hut's self-supporting enclosure can be pitched in minutes, and it's available for about $100 (as of 2010). ZODI uses industrial-grade components to make this one tough shower. A storage bag is included to keep everything together.

Article Written By Dan Eash

Dan Eash began writing professionally in 1989, with articles in LaHabra's "Daily Star Progress" and the "Fullerton College Magazine." Since then, he's created scripts for doctor and dentist offices and published manuals, help files and a training video. His freelance efforts also include a book. Eash has a Fullerton College Associate of Arts in music/recording production and a Nova Institute multimedia production certificate.

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