The Best Rods for Bass Fishing

The Best Rods for Bass Fishing
If you have had a bite that got away or confused a fish with something else, you probably need a better rod. With a good rod, you will fish less and catch more bass. You will sense what is happening in the water and feel the difference between nibbles and snags. You also will cast farther and more accurately. A sensitive rod with well-aligned guides and a cork handle can help you avoid that stop at the fish market on the way home.

Berkley Lightning IM6

Berkley rods quickly are becoming a favorite of budget-conscious bass enthusiasts. The use of graphite composition blanks makes these rods lighter than many competitors without sacrificing strength. The rods incorporate split-grip cork handles that fishermen tend to prefer. Berkley's Lightning IM6 is exceptionally sensitive yet tough enough to be the only rod you need to take to the lake. That's why Berkley says it's "the fastest, strongest, lightest rod in its class." Great feel, versatility and a bargain price make the Lightning IM6 a good value.

Shimano Clarus

Shimano has an excellent reputation for consistent quality. It has been building rods for more than 80 years, giving it the experience to know what works. Shimano's Clarus has the features of a high-end bass rod for a lot less money. According to, it's a $60 rod that competes with $200 models. A solid backbone with a highly flexible tip gives the Clarus great sensitivity and the ability to handle abuse. Lightweight Fuji Hardloy guides increase heat dissipation for better line performance, and grade A cork handles provide great traction and cushioning. Shimano also supports the Clarus with a limited lifetime warranty.

GLoomis MBR783C GLX

GLoomis is a favorite fly-fishing brand, and its rods work for all kinds of fishing including bass. One of those rods is the MBR783C GLX. It isn't cheap, but you get a lot for your money. writes, "If we had to choose one casting rod for all of our fishing, the 783 would be our choice." Among the reasons are the 783's light tip that allows good hook sets and its exceptional build quality that has the strength to move lunker largemouths from cover without sacrificing flexibility. In his description of the 783's sensitivity, reviewer Eric Kim raves, "I could actually feel the difference between rocks and pilings dragging along the lake beds." He goes on to say, "You cannot find a better rod on the market." Since GLoomis backs up the MBR783C GLX with a lifetime warranty, your investment is in good hands.

Article Written By Dan Eash

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