Avalanche Vs. Lamar Snowboards

Avalanche Vs. Lamar Snowboards
Avalanche and LaMar manufacture quality snowboards for beginner and intermediate riders. The companies are well-established and have earned solid reputations in the snowboarding community. Both companies offer snowboards in a variety of sizes for men and women. Choosing the right snowboard is a process based on skill level, size and design. Both companies have several options available.


Avalanche snowboards are designed for entry-level riders and all purpose riding. The boards have mixed reviews by experienced riders because they do not offer specialized designs and do not have the high quality construction of a LaMar. The Avalanche snowboards are also much cheaper than the LaMar brand. Both companies have snowboards in multiple sizes to fit men and women riders. The LaMar snowboards are high quality and are preferred for durability. The company has products available for freestyle, mountain and mixed riding.



Both companies have stylish graphics on their boards, but LaMar goes the extra mile with the designs. LaMar graphics are intricate, detailed and cover the entire deck. The Avalanche boards also have attractive graphics, but the patterns do not display the same level of detail and art as the LaMar boards. Each snowboard model for both companies does have a different graphic design to distinguish from the other models. The style of the board is often chosen as a result of the board performance and function but it is a factor in the buying process.


LaMar has snowboards in sizes for men, women and kids. Kids sizes range from 110 cm to 136 cm, women's from 140 cm to 155 cm and men's from 144 cm to 166 W. Avalanche boards are available in sizes to fit the majority of people, but LaMar covers the size range much better and has boots and bindings to fit specific models.


Although LaMar and Avalanche have good reputations and sell quality snowboards, LaMar is the better choice. The company support is much better they are more active in the snowboarding community. The snowboards are also high performance. Avalanche does not have an official company website and has complaints about product support but the company does manufacture several quality products and a low price.



Article Written By Zach Lazzari

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