Roadtrek Canoe Carrying Options

Roadtrek Canoe Carrying Options
Roadtrek RVs have raised roofs that can make carrying a canoe seem difficult. However, the vehicles are compatible with several roof racks and canoes can also be mounted to the rear of the RV. Roof racks are the most stable and the safest carrying option. The canoe you choose should be measured first to ensure it fits your vehicle model and to see if your RV can transport the canoe safely at high speeds.

Foam Blocks

Roadtrek rooftop designs make it difficult to install standard racks. Foam blocks are a simple solution that allow you to safely mount a canoe to the roof. The blocks have slots to fit the canoe, and with three straps you can secure the canoe to the vehicle. This is an effective method of transport and is cheaper than trailers and permanent racks. The blocks do not require any alterations to the vehicle and can be easily stored when not in use. You can find blocks in several different sizes, but the standard, square blocks are the best for mounting on Roadtrek rooftops. The square blocks use a small amount of space and can be placed in areas that will not obstruct vents.

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Roof Racks

Standard roof racks by Thule and Yakima are good carrying options. Installing the roof racks can be complicated on Roadtrek vehicles because their rooftops are not standard. The racks require custom installation by clamping to the rain gutters or drilling through the fiberglass. Once installed, the racks make it easy to secure your canoe to the roof. Installing railing on the roof and using the Crossroad package from Thule is a great option for Roadtrek vans. You can adjust the height of the railing during installation to create clearance, which will prevent the canoe from interfering with raised vents and obstacles.

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Trailers are great method for carrying a canoe with a Roadtrek. Trailers are light and their behind-the-vehicle location results in less wind resistance and better clearance. Castle Craft manufactures a single canoe trailer that is light enough to be towed with a motorcycle. The trailer will safely hold the canoe and not have any major effect on gas mileage. The company makes a trailer capable of holding multiple canoes and kayaks. Yakima also makes a lightweight trailer for carrying multiple canoes. Yakima's RackandRoll trailers are designed to hold canoes, kayaks, bicycles and other recreational gear. The versatility of the Yakima trailer makes it a top choice.

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