The Best Lures for Striper Fishing in Maine

The Best Lures for Striper Fishing in MaineMaine has numerous opportunities for striped bass fishing and many anglers have their favorite lures. The best lures for striped bass fishing in Maine are effective in a variety of fishing conditions. Lures will imitate bait-fish, worms and other natural food sources for stripers. Fly lures and conventional casting lures are effective when presented to a feeding school of striped bass.

Soft Baits

Soft plastic baits are effective for striper fishing in the surf and from boats. The best plastics in Maine imitate eels and worms. Eels are a lucrative food source for stripers and many anglers will use dead eels. Plastic eels are much easier to rig and are very productive. Eels are a great choice as a general searching pattern but will also work when cast in a feeding frenzy. Worms are also good as a searching pattern but are much more effective once the school has already been located. Worms rigged with weight on a casting rod are a preferred method and eels can be rigged for casting or trolling. Soft plastic bait-fish imitations in silver are also a top choice for targeting striped bass in a visible feeding frenzy near the surface.



Jigs are a top choice for striped bass in Maine because the lures can be used in a wide variety of situations. Jigs are effective for fishing in deep currents and shallow flats and bays. Deep currents require the angler to anchor a boat and bounce the jig on the bottom. Shallow flats and bays are prime hunting grounds for striped bass and many lures are difficult to control in the shallow water. Large spoons and spinners make a big splash and will often spook the fish. Jigs enter the water quietly and bounce naturally along the bottom. The general rule for jig fishing in Maine striper waters is to use dark colors with dark skies and light colors in bright skies. Black is a top choice at night and in overcast conditions, while white and silver are effective on bright sunny days.


Flies are becoming increasingly popular for striped bass in Maine. Fly fisherman will catch the bass by locating the schools in a feeding frenzy near the surface of the water. Large flies that imitate bait-fish are effective for catching the bass. Two of the best producing striper flies are Lefty's Deceiver and the Clouser Minnow. Both are bait-fish imitations, with the Deceiver being ideal for fishing near the surface and the Clouser in deeper waters. Use the Deceiver by casting around the edges of feeding stripers and use the Clouser for searching in deeper waters and fishing in the surf.

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