RV Parks in Caborca, Mexico

RV Parks in Caborca, Mexico
Arizona's beach--that's what many call the State of Sonora, Mexico, and its white sand coastline on the Sea of Cortez. The small town of Carborca is a municipality with 75 miles of coastline. Located a couple of hours southwest of Tucson, Arizona, and two hours south of Mexicali, Carborca provides opportunities to park the RV inland, in a desert reserve or on the coast. It's a sister district to Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point.

Rancho Puerto Blanco

This eco-friendly park and RV campground is located on nearly 3,100 acres in Caborca. The site access is passable in all motor and recreation vehicles. The park has the largest collection of petroglyphs in Mexico left by the many tribes who migrated through the area. Public restrooms are available at the campsite, and there is a hostel as well. Easily followed trails are safe, and park personnel provide security within the ranch. Despite the desert location, there is a broad variety of diverse flora and fauna, and the archaeological sites. The ranch is located on the Caborca Highway, and signs mark the directions. There are opportunities to learn ranch skills--like milking a cow or rounding up cattle, or more traditional ranch activities, such as horse rides, guided bird watching and hikes.

Rancho Puerto Blanco
Caborca, Sonora Mexico

El Pinacate and Camp Tecolote

One of Mexico's largest national parks and ecological reserves, El Pinacate covers more than 1.5-million acres. One of the unique desert areas in the Northern Hemisphere, the park is a mix of sand dunes and remnant volcanic landscape. The volcanic formations are large craters and carry the same names as large craters on the mood because of the similar landscape. Two camping areas in the Tecolote area accommodate recreation vehicles. Benches and picnic tables are provided, but there is no public restroom service.

El Tecolote
Kilómetro 52 carretera Sonoyta-Peñasco
+01 638-384-9007

Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point)

The most visited seaside coastal town in Sonora, Puerto Peñasco, (Rocky Point) is southwest of Caborca. Several RV parks with full hook up services and various amenities are located right on the beach. These campgrounds are more styled like "American" RV parks. Rocky Point is often crowded with tourists of all ages, resulting in quite a mix of activities and boisterous behavior.

Playa Bonita
Avenida Balboa # 147

Granada del Mar RV Park
41 Durango Ave

La Jolla de Cortez
On the Sea of Cortez, East of Penasco Del Sol

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