Top Catfishing Rods & Reels

Top Catfishing Rods & Reels
Several rods and reels are available for catfish. Some anglers prefer the stout builds of catfish rods while others prefer lighter rods and reels. Catfish require a strong rod with a sensitive tip and a durable reel with a consistent and strong drag. The drag on the reel is important because landing catfish can take much longer than many other freshwater species.


Quantum offers a high quality package for catfish. The Big Cat rod combined with the Iron reel is ideal for hauling heavy catfish from deep water. The Big Cat rod has a medium-heavy action and can handle line weights ranging from 14 to 60 lbs. The rods are heavier than many catfish rods, but the extra strength is a benefit for those targeting truly large fish. The Iron reel is built for durability and rugged use. The reel has a bait clicker and full-time anti-reverse. It is also a level wind reel with a 6.1:1 gear ratio, which is an ideal combination for catfish and is also capable of light saltwater applications.

6105 E. Apache
Tulsa, OK 74115

CatMaxx Rod and Reel

The CatMaxx Rod and Reel offered by Bass Pro shops is one of the best catfish combinations on the market. The reel is designed for heavy-duty use and has a one-piece aluminum frame, brake system, backlash prevention system, anti-reverse and a bait clicker. The rod has a medium-heavy action and is rated for lines ranging from 12 to 50 lbs. The combination has a sensitive tip for feeling soft strikes but does not compensate by reducing the power of the butt section. This rod and reel combination is similar to the Quantum combination because it is durable and can handle the trophy-size catfish. The reel is also highly rated by Whisker

Bass Pro Shops
1935 South Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 65807

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Combo

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning combo is ideal for catfish fishing in small and large waters. The medium-heavy rod has two grips for hauling power but maintains a sensitive tip for casting and feeling light strikes. The rod is paired with the Alpha 50 reel which has smooth disc drag and a durable aluminum spool. The combination is a top choice for catfish because it is durable, affordable and has high ratings from Bass Pro Shop customers and National It is also capable of bass, pike and walleye fishing.

Shakespeare Fishing Tackle
7 Science Court
Columbia, SC 29203

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