Dracut, Massachusetts, Fishing

Dracut, Massachusetts, Fishing
Dracut is located in the northeast part of Massachussetts. The region has numerous lakes and rivers and it is within a day trip of the coast. The area has opportunities for conventional and fly anglers. Several species of game fish are prevalent in the streams and lakes, and public access for anglers is abundant.

Beaver Brook

Beaver Brook is less than two miles from Dracut and is primarily a largemouth and smallmouth bass fishery. The small stream is ideal for spin casting and fly fishing, and access is ample, as it is located on a 60-acre reservation.

Pawtucket Falls

Pawtucket Falls is located less than four miles from Dracut and has fishing for steelhead, salmon and panfish. The waterfall is used to generate power and divert water for irrigation. The irrigation canals also have fishing for bass and panfish. The river in this area is large, and the best fishing is with bait and lures. Fly fisherman also have success, but casting is difficult without a boat. The river in this area is also popular for whitewater rafting.

Merrimack Reservoir

Merrimack Reservoir, about eight miles from Dracut, is a popular fishery for bass, panfish, carp and catfish. Bait casting and spin fishing are the most common methods of take, but fly fisherman have good action in the spring for carp. The carp can be seen cruising the shallows, and anglers can sight fish effectively.

Peppermint Brook

Peppermint Brook is another small stream located less than two miles from Dracut. It has fishing for stocked rainbow trout and perch. The fishery is popular with spin, bait and fly fisherman. The stream has ample public access points located along the road, but the best fishing is found in the sections that meander away from the roads.

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