Fishing in Lang Lake, Canada

Fishing in Lang Lake, Canada
Lang Lake is located in southeast Ontario, Canada. The region is rich with water and offers anglers seemingly endless fishing options. Numerous fish species are abundant in the lake, and some grow to trophy proportions. The long narrow lake has cabins that can be rented or anglers can stay at a lodge in the region. The lake can be reached by road, but a boat is the best way to access the entire shoreline.


Lang Lake has fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, lake trout and catfish. The tributaries to the lake also provide opportunities to add rainbow trout to your catch. Both species of bass thrive in the lake and can be caught in large numbers. Pike and lake trout are also a major attraction for anglers. Lang Lake walleye are more difficult to catch in the lake but experienced anglers will find the walleye fishing compares well with other fisheries. Catfish are found in some of the narrow channels and bays of the lake but the fish are not commonly targeted by visiting anglers.


Seasons and Regulations

Lang Lake offers year-round fishing opportunities, being productive both as a summer fishery and as a winter ice fishing destination. The lake is located in Zone 10 under Canada fishing regulations, and is not listed as having any special rules. The limit for pike is not more than two each day with only one fish over 33 inches. Walleye fisherman can keep four fish with only one over 18 inches. Fishermen can keep up to six largemouth and smallmouth bass in a day with no general size restrictions, and can also keep two lake trout with only one over 15 inches. All anglers fishing in Lang Lake must have a current fishing license for Ontario Province.

Fishing Techniques

The abundance of fish in the lake means a wide variety of fishing techniques will be effective. Top-water plugs and poppers fished around weed beds and structure will catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and the occasional pike during the summer months. The best smallmouth fishing on Lang Lake often takes place around the rocky shorelines. Although the bass will attack top-water lures regularly, fishing deeper water in the spring, summer and fall with black, red and green spoons and spinners will catch most lake species. Trolling spoons behind flashers along the deeper shorelines is also effective for the lake trout, walleye and pike. Ice fishing is most productive with worms and black, red or chartreuse jigs fished in water ranging from 10 to 30 feet deep.

Lodges and Guides

Lang Lake is difficult to reach and the Lang Lake Resort offers guides with access to the lake who can provide transportation and a boat once the area has been reached. The resort also is within reach of several other lakes in the area with great fishing opportunities. Hiring one of the guides or staying at the resort will make the trip logistics much easier.



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