The Best Fishfinders for Crappie

The Best Fishfinders for Crappie
Crappie are a freshwater game fish that provide sport for anglers year-round. The fish are often found in the same waters as bass, pike, carp and walleye. Crappie can be found traveling in schools, and fish finders increase the chances of finding large concentrations of fish. The best fish finders will display the school of fish, the depth, temperature and the contours of the bottom. Numerous models are available with everything from basic fish readings to complex GPS systems with live weather feeds.

Lowrance X96

The Lowrance X96 is a simple fish finder that is ideal for locating crappie. The fish finder does not have advanced GPS storage, but it does everything required for crappie fishing with a much lower price than many of the top models. The fish finder uses shades of gray to display fish, depth and water temperature on the digital screen. It can read depths up to 800 feet, which is more than enough for locating crappie. This is a basic unit that is easy to read and requires little knowledge to operate. It mounts easily on small and large boats and has high ratings from Bass Pro Shop customers and Fish Finder

12000 East Skelly Drive
Tulsa, OK 74128


Garmin 140

The Garmin 140 is another basic fish finder that will locate and display fish, bottom contours and temperature. The fish finder updates the screen with every change in the landscape and has a fish alarm to notify the user of new fish entering the range. The tool also has the ability to distinguish between fish and cover. This is especially useful for locating crappie around debris and along rocky bottoms. It is also a good for locating crappie in shallow water where numerous obstacles are present. The fish alarm is ideal for crappie because numerous alarms in a short amount of time are indicative of a school of fish.

1200 E. 151st St.
Olathe, KS 66062

Humminbird 798 c SI

The Humminbird 797 and 798 side imaging fish finders provide more than a crappie fisherman needs, but the unit is ideal for targeting multiple species of fish. It is GPS capable and allows you to store locations where you had fishing success. The unit also allows you to enter maps from a memory card and store specific routes on the lake you are fishing. The main attraction of the fish finder is the side imaging. The side angle is helpful when fishing along shelves and depth change areas. The fish finder has good ratings from Tackle and is a good tool for targeting crappie along with bass, pike, walleye and other species in the same area.

678 Humminbird Lane
Eufaula, AL 36027


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