The Best Hiking Boots for Men

The Best Hiking Boots for Men
Choose your hiking boots with great care, as the right footwear greatly enhances your hiking or backpacking experience. High cut boots are excellent for prolonged traversal of rugged terrains, rock faces and also ravines, while mid cut boots work well for trail hiking, backpacking and occasionally also all terrain expeditions. Waterproof materials are a must, but the need for interior insulation is optional, depending on the season you most likely engage in hiking.

Tough Lowa Boots Men's Ranger GTX Hiking Boot for All Terrain Backpackers

Starting at $255, the Lowa men's Ranger GTX hiking boot comes in sizes 8 through 14. This tough boot is covered with leather treated to repel water, and features an interior Gore Tex lining for waterproofing. As you put on your pair, you notice that they are heavy duty in weight and design. Weighing in at 3.7 pounds, these boots can weather rock climbing, trail hiking, and also offer sufficient ankle stabilization for carrying a backpack weight of up to 60 pounds.

The trademark Vibram sole makes this one of the best hiking boots for men who routinely opt for a challenging terrain as opposed to well maintained hiking trails. This is supported by the manufacturer specific interior design that offers a fairly inflexible insole designed to protect your foot, heel and also ankle during the more challenging aspects of the hike.

The manufacturer advises consumers that Hardcore Outdoor rated the Lowa Ranger GTX as the one boot that is useful for virtually all fundamental out-of-doors activities.

Nike Men's Bandollier II Mid GTX Lightweight Hiking Boot for Warm Weather Hikes

Consider the Bandollier II Mid GTX hiking boot for your warm weather day hikes or backpacking trips. The lack of insulation makes this a very lightweight boot that is comfortable for extended wear. It features the Nike All-Trac outsole that offers reliable footing on a variety of terrains. The cushioning of the midsole and outsole--as well as the design support offered in that area--greatly increases the comfort for all day wearers.

This hiking boot is available for $80 in sizes 7 through 14.

Timberland Men's Waterproof White Ledge Mid Hiking Boot for Day Hikers or Laborers

The Timberland men's waterproof White Ledge mid hiking boot features premium treated leather and sealed seams on the exterior that earn it the manufacturer's waterproof guarantee. It is an excellent choice for hiking near bodies of water, visiting the trails during inclement weather, and is also useful for doubling as a heavy duty work boot for outside work.

The manufacturer advises that your foot's comfort is ensured through a B.S.F.P. rated outsole that provides for a four motion process at every step; the initials refer to a braking motion at the heel, a supporting design under the arch, flexing of the toe area, and a propelling movement that begins at the heel portion of the shoe. Since the boots weigh 2.5 pounds, this greatly increases your comfort level for daily prolonged wear.

Purchase the White Ledge mid hiking boot for $69 in sizes 7 through 15.

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