What Are Some of Manufacturers of Ice Fishing Shelters?

What Are Some of Manufacturers of Ice Fishing Shelters?
Ice shelters keep you protected from the elements while fishing on a frozen lake. With the help of an ice auger, you make a hole in the ice and erect the shelter above the hole. You'll stay dry, relatively warm and also protected from the wind while reeling in the catch of the day. Some ice fishing shelters feature a basic flip-over style construction; others favor the cabin style. Perhaps the most important aspect is weight, since ice fishers using the shelters by themselves will want to backpack to the best fishing holes. Just like tools, ice fishing gear oftentimes features well-known manufacturer names.


Frabill makes cabin and flip-over style ice fishing shelters. Costs for a cabin shelter start at $220. The weight for these is 46 pounds and the smaller cabin features a molded base with two pre-cut fishing holes, while the larger three-person model offers one oversized opening in the floor for the hole. Flip-over shelters start at $200 and go up in price all the way to about $1,300. Weight depends on size, and a basic shelter starts at 48 pounds.

Frabill, Inc.
P.O. Box 449
Jackson WI 53037
(800) 558-1005



Shappell focuses on the manufacture of ice fishing cabin-style shelters; its selection of flip-over style shelters is limited. The cabins may double as hunting blinds with the simple removal of the windows or shades. This adds a high level of versatility to the overall use of the fishing shelter. Prices vary, depending on the size of the cabin you desire. Costs generally start at $150 for the basic Ice House 5000 pop-up shelter. Since it only weighs 21 pounds, you can easily transport it by yourself across the ice to your favorite fishing spot. By comparison, the basic Rover 1.0 flip-over ice fishing shelter weighs 43 pounds.

Shappell Corporation
3562 Jefferson Highway
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
(888) 571-1144

Clam Corporation

Clam Corporation makes a name for itself with its lightweight ice fishing shelters designed for backpacking into even the most remote regions. Weighing in at only 19 pounds, its basic cabin-style Clam Hub offers sufficient space for two anglers and is still easily broken down into bag-sized components.
Clam Corporation's conventional flip-over or cabin shelters weigh significantly more. The bigger shelters also feature thermal insulation that provides a 20 to 30 degree temperature difference between the exterior and interior; at a weight of 135 pounds, this is well suited for trucking in or adding to your gear in the RV. Costs vary greatly, depending on the model and features, such as thermal insulation, number of doors and also size of the ice fishing shelter you are considering.

Clam Corporation
600 Clydesdale Trail
Medina, MN 55340
(800) 423-3474


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