Where to Find Used Old Town Canoes

Where to Find Used Old Town Canoes
Old Town Canoes are a popular brand, and used models can be found in many regions of the United States and Canada. It is important to predetermine the distance you are willing to drive pick up a canoe. Making this determination allows you to narrow the search. You also must consider your price range, the condition of the canoe and style of the canoe you desire. Before you pick up a used canoe, be sure your car or truck has a rack and tie downs capable of safely transporting the craft.

Internet Sources

Internet classifieds and listings such as paddling.net are an excellent resource for locating a used Old Town Canoe and accessories for the canoe. If you find a cheap canoe that needs minor repairs, you also can find paddles and new seats for the water craft on many of the websites. Use the Internet to your advantage and look for canoes in your area. If you cannot find any in the immediate area, inquire about the shipping costs and request extra pictures of the hull to be sure the canoe does not have any holes in the bottom.


Use classified ads from newspapers and Internet sites such as craigslist for your local area to find used Old Town Canoes. If you live in a region with rivers and lakes, finding an Old Town Canoe should be an easy process. It is important to check the ads every day and contact the seller immediately after the listing is posted. You should look at the canoe before making a purchase, and attempts to talk down the price are standard practice. You can also look in specific canoe classifieds found on the Internet. Be weary of scam sites and look in places such as paddling.net and sellmycanoe.com where canoes and kayaks listings are updated regularly.

Garage Sales

Visiting garage sales is a great method of finding used Old Town Canoes and other sporting goods. Find the garage sales by looking at the classifieds in your local newspaper and make a point to be among the first people to arrive at the sale. If you are late, it is possible that a quality used canoe already has been sold for a cheap price.

Retail and Rental Programs

It is possible to find a new Old Town Canoe for a great price when a sporting goods store goes out of business. Visit going-out-of business sales to find some great deals. Also look in resort areas with rental programs for canoes and kayaks. Call the resorts at the beginning and end of the summer season, and ask if they are replacing any inventory. If they are buying new inventory, ask if they are willing to sell a used Old Town Canoe.

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