The Best RV Cleaners for Aluminum Siding

The Best RV Cleaners for Aluminum Siding
When choosing a cleaning product for your RV, it's important to pick one that is formulated especially for aluminum siding. Not all are. In fact, some cleaners can significantly damage aluminum siding, strip paint and weaken surfaces. The best cleaners for aluminum siding are those that are safe to use on the material and can effectively remove black streaks, lift film and protect the durability of aluminum siding long after the cleaner has been applied.

Gel-Gloss Heavy Duty

If the color on your RV has faded, you need a cleaning product that will remove oxidation as well as road grime, streaks and salt, according to (The bottle must say it is designed for both purposes.) An all-purpose cleaner such as Gel-Gloss Heavy Duty is designed to clean black streaks, road grime, bug splats and bird droppings as well as remove surface oxidation and light scratches. The product is biodegradable and phosphate free. It will not to strip the wax finish from your RV's aluminum siding. Gel-Gloss Heavy is manufactured by TR RV Products and is available in pint, quart and gallon containers. Dilution is required before using.


When washing an RV, never use harsh abrasives, such as rubbing compounds or steel wool, according to The website also stresses the importance of cleaning your RV in a shaded area. A product such as RV-TECH tackles both concerns. Manufactured by QueensClean, RV-TECH is an acrylic polymer cleaner, polisher and sealer. The cleaner is gentle enough for fiberglass gel-coat and pre-painted aluminum siding as well as stripes and decals. Apply the cleaner to a damp cloth and use a sweeping back and forth motion to remove tree sap, road tar, line paint, over-spray and other stains from RV siding. RV-TECH is formulated with a 97 percent sunscreen, so the sun will not damage or peel the seal after it has dried.

RV Wash

Routine cleaning is necessary for both the interior and exterior of an RV. encourages you to clean your RV with a cleaning product specially formulated to remove rust and clean the underbody components of your RV. These areas are prone to rust, streaks and grease. A cleaner such as RV Wash will target these areas. Manufactured by Advance Chemical Company, RV Wash is biodegradable and safe to use on aluminum siding as well as on interior and exterior panels. Unlike other products that contain caustics or solvents, RV Wash is designed to act like a degreaser and lift soils, rust and film that coat siding. It will not leave black streaking on siding and comes with a hose sprayer for easy use. The concentrated, diluted formula is also safe to use on rubber roofs, awnings, shower stalls and carpet.

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