Vacations & Activities in Kauai, Hawaii

Vacations & Activities in Kauai, Hawaii
"Kauai. For the newly wed, and the nearly dead." Locals will pronounce every word of this statement surely and proudly. It is a magnificently beautiful island with all the tropical fun. Called The Garden Island, Kauai is named appropriately due to the amount of rain it gets every year--up to 444 inches in some areas. Not to worry, it is almost always warm. And hopefully the rain will bring a rainbow or two, creating a beautiful image in between the palm trees.

Helicopter Ride

Go on a helicopter ride to see the island from above. The pilot will play majestic music to accentuate the beauty of this tropical island. You will probably hear music from the movie Jurassic Park while flying over the crags and waterfalls where it was filmed. Perhaps you will spot boats along the Na Pali Coast as the helicopter wanders over the water. This is the absolute best way to get a feel for where places are on Kauai.

Scooter Rental

See the island at ground level. These scooters are easy to handle and fun for the hands-on traveler. The companies that rent scooters will give you a map of four or five places to visit throughout your day. Ask about a waterfall on the island with a rope swing and try to locate it on your scooter.

Scuba Diving

Make a scuba diving reservation before your trip to Hawaii. If certified, you will be able to dive down sixty feet. The dive organizations are able to provide basic training for those not certified. The non-certified divers go almost as deep as certified divers in Kauai. Scuba diving is a must if you like tropical fish, fun and a view of the ocean floor.

Sunset Cruise Along Na Pali Coast

Combine a boat ride with a meal and spectacular view by doing a dinner cruise along the Na Pali Coast. This coast is truly one of a kind. See it by air, by boat and then hike it as well to soak in all the spectacles this coastline has to offer. Thousands see it annually and you do not want to miss out. The true gem is feeling the wind in your hair, holding a drink in your hand, and simply soaking in the beauty of this trip on the water.

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