Top 3 Bait Casting Reels & Rod Combos

Top 3 Bait Casting Reels & Rod Combos
Although many good fishing rod and reel combinations are available as a set, the best combinations often require purchasing the rod and the reel separately. The best rod and reel combinations are balanced, durable and perform a wide range of fishing tasks.


Daiwa manufactures some of the best bait casting rods and reels on the market. The company does not sell rod and reel packages, but you can easily combine its best rods and reels. The Zillion model bait casting reel combined with the TD Zillion rod is a top choice. The TD Zillion rod earned the editors' choice award on Tackle and is designed to fit well with the Zillion reel. The combination is used by members of the competitive Daiwa fishing team in freshwater and saltwater. The Zillion reel has a soft-grip handle, aluminum frame, free floating spool and an anti-backlash system. The rod uses heavy fast action with a sensitive tip for finesse fishing and casting heavy lures. The rod and reel are available in different sizes for saltwater and freshwater bait casting.

Daiwa Corporation
12851 Midway Place
Cerritos, CA, 90703


Quantum has several top-rated reels and rods that are designed to complement one other. The Tour Edition PT rod is available in medium-heavy action for casting crank baits and fishing heavy lures in deep water. The tip is sensitive enough to do some finesse fishing, but the rod is also designed for cold weather, deep water fishing. The rod fits well with the Energy PT reel, which has a ceramic drag, anti-reverse and an aluminum crank handle. The reel also has a one-piece aluminum frame and a skeletal spool to reduce its overall weight. The combination works well for bass, pike and walleye.

6105 E. Apache
Tulsa, OK 74115

Johnny Morris Signature Combination

The Johnny Morris Signature bait cast rod and reel package is sold by Bass Pro Shops. The package deal offers a smooth, low-profile reel and a sensitive, durable rod. It has received high customer ratings from Bass and is highly rated by Tackle The rod has an extra fast action feel for finesse fishing and making long casts, but it handled heavy lures well in Tackle testing. The reel has a wide range of adjustments, and although it is not rated as highly as many Quantum and Daiwa reels, it does perform a variety of functions and is very smooth. The combination is available in sizes ranging from 8 to 30 lbs. and is ideal for general purpose bass fishing.

Bass Pro Shops Catalog Outlet
2011 S. Campbell Avenue
Springfield, MO 65807

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