The Best Kayak for Under $300

The Best Kayak for Under $300
Outdoor recreation can get expensive. Once you add up all your gear, travel costs, and food, you can end up spending several thousand dollars on one trip. Kayakers can easily drop thousands of dollars on a watercraft alone. Getting the best gear doesn't always mean spending the most green, however. The Tiger Shark Sit In kayak is chocked full of features, easily transportable and comfortable, and rings in at just $249.00.


The Tiger Shark Sit In kayak is a one-person kayak built for comfort, ease of use and durability. Weighing under 40 pounds and measuring to 9 feet, the Tiger Shark Sit In is easy to travel with.
Here are the specs:
* Length: 9 feet
* Width: 28 inches
* Weight: 39 lbs.
* Carrying capacity: 250 lbs.

Superior Design

Just when you thought all kayaks had the same basic features, Tiger Shark strikes. This sit-in kayak sports all sorts of creature comforts that make paddling, fishing, or just floating better than ever.
The Tiger Shark Sit In kayak's features include:
* High seat back for full torso support.
* Cup holder in center console to hold a beverage.
* Fishing rod mount in center console for hands-free angling, trolling and drifting.
* Deep seat for thigh support to give you a strong paddling base.

Easy To Use

The Tiger Shark Sit In kayak was designed with all ages of kayakers in mind. This kayak is an excellent crossover sport kayak that has good stability and a long keel for straight tracking. Kayakers who also like to fish, race or drift be satisfied with the Tiger Shark.
Some of its easy to use features include:
* Four tie-down loops. You can secure additional packs, food and gear for day and overnight kayaking trips.
* Foot chocks are built in and adjustable to several different positions for kayakers of different height.
*The Tiger Shark's raised bow incorporates a wave-breaker design that keeps you dry in choppy water.

Article Written By Jake Kulju

Jake Kulju is a Minneapolis-based freelance outdoors writer with 10 years' experience. He is an outdoors guidebook author for Avalon Travel and his work is regularly published in "Outdoor Traditions Magazine" and "Naturescape News." His nature-based poetry is published in "Poetry Canada" and "Farmhouse Magazine." Kulju holds an English degree from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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