The Best Landlocked Salmon Lures

The Best Landlocked Salmon LuresLandlocked salmon fishing is a year-round activity for anglers in the northeastern states. Numerous species of landlocked salmon exist with the most prominent ones as the Sebago and the Ouananiche--also called Atlantic salmon. A popular method to catch landlocked salmon is by trolling. Salmon is a cold water game fish as they prefer water temperatures near 55 degrees. Search for water in these temperatures when fishing for salmon.

Streamer Flies (pictured)

Streamer flies such as Black Ghost, Grey Ghost and Red and White are effective for catching landlocked salmon during spring. Trolling streamer flies on the surface is very productive and is a popular method for catching landlocked salmon, advised Mike Christy from "New England Sportsman." Streamers imitate baitfish and can be trolled quickly by anglers. Just a few pulls on the fishing rod speed up the fly causing it plenty of movement to attract landlocked salmon. These lures are fished either on spinning or fly rods with sinking line. Popular streamer fly sizes are 6, 8, 10 and 12.



Stickbaits such as Rapala and Yo-Zuri are excellent lures for landlocked salmon according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. The Rapala original floating lure are available in colors such as silver, gold, hot steel and chartreuse. Match the lures depending on the size and colors of the forage fish in your salmon fishing spot. Rapala stick baits ranges from 1.5 inches and 1/16 oz. to 7 inches and 11/16 oz. Yo-Zuri Floating Crystal Minnows are also productive with its attractive holographic laser tape that reflects light. Colors available include gold and red, chartreuse and silver and blueand silver. Yo-Zuri lures are effective for catching salmon due to its wiggling action and realistic appearance that provides an easy target in murky waters.


Artificial lures such as spoons also produce plenty of landlocked salmon. Spoons like Mooselook, Sutton, Flash King and Top Gun are just some lures that can increase your bite strikes significantly. The spoon's light reflection and frantic wobble tend to excite and attract salmon. The wobbling movement imitates a frightened bait fish and triggers landlocked salmon to strike. The Mooselook wobbler spoon can be fished at a wide range of speeds. It has the appearance of a fluttering wounded baitfish that attracts salmon. Sizes available are 1/6 oz., 2-1/2 inches and 1/4 oz., and 3-1/8 inches. The Mooselook also comes in a variety of attractive colors such as gold, chrome, copper and silver.

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