The Best Rods for Fishing Bass

The Best Rods for Fishing Bass
Numerous high quality bass rods are available on the market. Some rods are designed for general bass fishing while others have a specific purpose. Specialty rods for crankbaits, jerkbaits, pitching and other tasks are valuable but not necessary for bass fishing. The best rods will have the ability to handle a wide range of bass fishing situations. The best rods also have top quality components, a sensitive tip and enough backbone to handle heavy lures and heavy fish.

Lamiglas Excell Bass

Lamiglas manufactures rods for bait, spin and fly fishing. The Excell Bass rods are an excellent choice for general bass fishing. The graphite rods are just over 7 feet long and weigh under 5 oz. The rod has a fast action for making accurate casts and can handle pitching heavy lures. The rod is made in the United States and is highly rated by The rod responds well when cast and loads well with variable weight. It also has a split grip with cork grips and is designed for casting reels and spinning reels. The rod is available in line ratings ranging from 8 to 20 pound test and has a medium-fast action with a heavy power rating.

1400 Atlantic Ave.
Woodland, WA 98674

Quantum Tour Edition PT

The Quantum Tour Edition PT is a top quality rod that is designed and used by anglers on the Quantum fishing team. The 6-foot, 6-inch rod has a sensitive tip for fishing plastic worms and detecting light strikes but it can also handle larger lures. The rod has an ergonomically shaped cork reel that is designed for comfort without sacrificing a strong fighting butt. The rod is heavy enough to handle flipping but the sensitive enough for finesse fishing applications. The guides and reel seat are top quality and the rod is highly rated by Tackle The rod is one of the best because of the wide range of tasks it can handle. It has a fast action and is available in line ratings ranging from 12 to 20 pounds.

6105 E. Apache
Tulsa, OK 74115

American Rodsmiths H3 Titanium Ultra

The American Rodsmiths H3 Titanium Ultra was selected as one of the best bass rods in 2008 by Outdoor Life Magazine. The powerful rod can be used to cast crankbaits and spinnerbaits long distances but has enough sensitivity for finesse fishing with plastic worms. The blank is constructed of lightweight titanium and the rod uses high quality components. It has a cork grip, cork butt and a "comfort touch" above the handle for making powerful casts without straining your forefinger. The rod is one of the best bass rods for fishing heavy lures and finesse fishing and it is also one of the most stylish with the sleek blue finish. It is a fast action rod available with line ratings ranging from 12 to pounds.

American Rodsmiths
7449 Wright Road
Houston, TX 77041

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