Troller Boat Fishing in Butler, Pennsylvania

Troller Boat Fishing in Butler, Pennsylvania
Lake Arthur is a productive warm water fishery for troller boat fishing. The lake is located in Butler County, Pennsylvania, and is home to diverse species of game fish. It is also a popular location for other recreational activities such as camping, hiking, swimming and windsurfing. The lake has numerous feeder streams such as Muddy Creek and Bear Run Creek that provides more fishing grounds for trolling anglers to explore.

Lake Arthur

This 3,200-acre lake produces many game fish such as channel catfish, striped and largemouth bass, muskies, pike and walleyes. Troll fishing with big lures is effective for catching muskies. Watch for structure and search for flats adjacent to the deep water when trolling. Trolling baits such as super shad raps and believers are effective according to Esox Hunter, a local angler from The lake can be access at Moraine State Park. There are 10 boat launches available around the lake and motorboats and pontoon boats may be rented at the Crescent Bay Area in the summer. Up to 20 horsepower motors are permitted at the park.

Moraine State Park
225 Pleasant Valley Road
Portersville, PA 16051-9650

Muddy Run

Anglers can troll fish for largemouth bass at Muddy Run, also called Muddy Creek. The creek's access area is located 1 mile east of I-79 and on Barkeley Road, just north on State Route 528. Trolling with spoons or spinners produces good catches of largemouth bass, especially January to February. Midway up Muddy Creek Finger and at the end of Shannon Finger are hot spots for bass. Trolling at night for muskies and channel cat at Muddy Creek is also productive, especially by the spill way.

Bear Run

Bear Run provides trolling anglers fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass and other game fish. Areas with structures such as rocks, ledges and rocky points in Bear Run are good spots to troll for smallmouth bass. Other species include muskies, pike and walleyes. Trolling for hybrid stripers are also effective especially with soft and hard jerkbaits according to There is a Bear Run boat launch for access at Old Route 422 and at McDanel's Boat Launch. The Bear Run boat launch has a ramp with a courtesy dock, parking area with a fishing pier along with picnic areas and restrooms.

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