Foods You Can Cook on a Camping Stove

Foods You Can Cook on a Camping Stove
While at first glance a camping stove may seem good for little more than boiling water, it's actually a versatile camping stove---if you've remembered to pack your creativity. The foods you can cook on a camping stove are actually more limited by what sort of food items are light enough to carry and don't require special storage, as opposed to what the stove itself can heat. Broaden your cooking options by packing a lightweight, folding frying pan in addition to a pot.

Grains and Pasta

Any sort of grain---from oatmeal to Cream of Wheat or barley kernels---can be added to boiling water on the camp stove and turned into a quick meal. Select quick-cooking grains so that they don't require as much stove fuel to cook, and carry a compact camper's spice kit to help liven up your porridge. Similarly, pasta makes the foundation for another quick, easy camp stove meal. Cook the grains or pasta first, then pour them into the bowls you plan to eat from. Cook any sauce, meat or garnishing next; this way, you only have one pot to clean.



Raw meat is usually limited to the first day or night of camping, unless you've been able to bring a cooler along to keep it cool at food-safe temperatures. If you're lucky enough to have meat along, pack it into a plastic bag with a little oil and spices to marinate as you hike, then bring it out and cook it in your camp stove's pot or frying pan.


You can purchase pre-made dry soup mixes or heat canned soup over your camp stove, but why not make your own? Cut and package raw vegetables like celery, carrots, onions and potatoes before leaving the house. In a separate package, combine chicken or beef bullion with your favorite seasonings---salt, pepper, sage and rosemary usually go over well in soup. Once you're at camp, just boil water in your stove for beverages, add the soup makings and seasoning to what's left, and let it stew until soft.


Mix 1 cup of biscuit mix with 1/3 cup water and fry in a little oil in the frying pan over your camp stove to make tortillas. Pancakes are another fried creation. Just mix together the dry ingredients according to instructions on a package of pancake mix, using powdered eggs instead of regular eggs. Store this in a plastic bag and when you get to camp, just pour it into a bowl, add water, mix and cook over the frying pan.


Omelets or scrambles are another way to make use of powdered eggs. You can also throw just about anything into them, making it easy to use up leftovers. Prepackage your powdered eggs with dehydrated vegetables in plastic bags, then just add water and cook in the frying pan on your camp stove.


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