The Best Pier Fishing Poles

The Best Pier Fishing Poles
Pier fishing concentrates on areas with reefs or artificial reefs that attract numerous species of saltwater fish. Pier fishermen use a stiff rod in a rod holder. The rod has a heavy-duty reel with line and backing. Pier fishermen often use live bait on treble hooks and egg sinkers to make long casts. Pier fishing requires you to choose a productive location and keep your line in the water until a school of fish passes through your area. The best poles will have the ability to cast heavy rigs and hoist fish that weight several pounds. The best poles are also durable and can withstand the corroding properties of saltwater.

AiRRUS Co-Matrix 457

The AiRRUS Co-Matrix 457 spinning rod takes saltwater abuse and is an excellent choice for pier fishing. The rod has a medium stiff action ideal for casting weight and hauling fish of several pounds on to the pier. Designed for fighting powerful striped bass and saltwater game fish, the rod has the versatility pier fishermen require for targeting multiple species. The rod has a solid cork grip and fighting butt sensitive enough for light strike detection. The rod has a positive review from, giving it value for the flexible tip and strong fighting power. The rod also comes with a lifetime warranty and customer support through the AiRRUS Company.

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Montgomery, Texas 77356

Megabass Super Destroyer III

The Megabass Super Destroyer III is a short, stout rod ideal for pier fishing for fish under 5 pounds. The 6 foot 9-inch rod uses high-quality parts to complement the stout build. Although this is a bass rod, the short stick makes it ideal for bait-casting from a pier and hauling fish from the water. Although powerful, it is lighter than many of the rods used for pier fishing. This makes it a comfortable choice for long days of casting and holding the rod. The rod has high ratings from because it has the power to pull fish out of weed beds and structure without compromising sensitivity and strike detection. This rod is an excellent choice for casting bait and lures from a pier.

Megabass USA
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St. Croix Legend Tournament Swimbait Stick

The St. Croix Legend Tournament Swimbait Stick is a stout 8-foot rod ideal for casting heavy rigs and hauling in fish over 5 pounds. The rod can handle up to 8 ounces of rigging and uses a stiff design for casting the heavy lures and fighting large fish. According to the review, the rod lacks sensitivity. The lack of sensitivity is important when targeting smaller fish, but this rod can handle pier fishing for heavy species. St. Croix Legend surf rods are also a great option for targeting large tarpon and striped bass from a pier.

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