SE Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Clubs

SE Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Clubs
Southeast Pennsylvania has several trout fishing clubs. Some of the clubs are gatherings of people who share information and go fishing together while others are private fishing waters with a membership fee. Private clubs give anglers access to waters with limited pressure and regular clubs provide a wealth of knowledge for beginning anglers and make arrangements for those seeking fishing partners.

Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited

Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited is located in York County and is a part of the national non-profit organization. The chapter has regular meetings with the common mission of restoring trout habitat and increasing public access. Muddy Creek is the home water of the club and can be divided into several sections. Each section has trout fishing with a combination of wild trout and stocked trout that are raised by the club. As of 2010, membership was less than 20 dollars and goes to support the national organization and the local chapter. The club is part of an excellent organization for trout fisherman interested in volunteering to improve stream habitat and learning about the local stream systems.

Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited #575
P.O. Box 211
Dallastown, PA 17313

Philadelphia Anglers Club

The Philadelphia Anglers Club welcomes trout and multiple species anglers. The club connects anglers through Internet forums and physical gatherings. The club is ideal for meeting other anglers and finding new fishing partners. The gatherings range from picnics to fish outs with drawings and prizes for attending anglers. The fishing is focused around Philadelphia but anglers in the club travel the state and have knowledge about other regional fisheries. This club has neither membership fees nor monthly meetings.

Philadelphia Anglers Club

Dame Juliana League Fly Fishers

The Dame Juliana League of Fly Fishers was established in the early 1970's for fisherman in the greater Philadelphia area. The club is focused on the fishing French Creek but also has outings to other areas. The club is friendly for anglers of all skill levels and hosts fly fishing courses and seminars. The club requires a small membership fee and host regular meetings to plan and discuss club events and fishing outings. The long standing history and combined knowledge of club members makes this an excellent resource for residents of southeast Pennsylvania.

Dame Juliana League Fly Fishers
P. O. Box 178
Kimberton, PA 19442

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