The Best Tandem Kayak

The Best Tandem Kayak
The best tandem kayak should be light enough to carry and maneuver and should do well in a variety of different types of water. The Cobra Tandem, Cobra's best-selling kayak, is light and very stable.


The Cobra Tandem is just 12'6" in length and weighs a mere 57 pounds, making it among the lightest tandem kayaks on the market. Because it's so light, it is easy to transport on top of a car and easier to maneuver in the water. too. The Cobra Tandem's maximum weight capacity is 600 pounds, making it perfect for people of all sizes and great for bringing along extra gear. It is made from super linear polyethylene, which is very durable.


The Cobra Tandem comes with molded front and back seats and space in the middle for you to attach a third seat for a child or pet. It also has handles on either side for easy carrying. There is plenty of deck space available for up to five storage hatches for cargo. The designers of the Tandem have kept it very simple, allowing users to customize the kayak as they see fit.


Versatility accounts for much of the Cobra Tandem's popularity. As it's much lighter than other tandems it can be paddled solo although it won't have the same maneuverability as a solo kayak. Its shallow v-shaped hull means that it has good tracking in flat water. It is very stable, even when re-entering the kayak from deep water. Due to its excellent stability and tracking it does well in flat water, the ocean and for kayak surfing. The Cobra Tandem's large capacity for storage also makes it a good option for kayak diving.

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