Fishing in Battle Ground Lake, Washington

Fishing in Battle Ground Lake, Washington
Located less than 20 miles northeast of Vancouver, Washington, Battle Ground Lake has fishing for both warm- and cold-water species. The natural lake is the result of volcanic activity and is located within Battle Ground Lake State Park. The lake sits in the trees and is popular during the fall color change. Trout fishing is popular in the lake, but you also will find several warm-water species.

The Lake and Species

Battle Ground Lake is primarily a trout fishery, but you also will find productive fishing for perch and bluegill. The lake is stocked with rainbow and brook trout. The rainbow trout do not reproduce in the lake, but the brook trout can spawn naturally. Some of the rainbow trout are brood stock and weigh more than 5 pounds.

Spin and bait fishing are popular because of the trees around the lake, but several openings are large enough for fly fisherman to make a back-cast. The small 28 acres of water allows anglers to access the entire shoreline and fish from many different vantage points. The lake also has a dock where spin and fly fisherman can reach farther than bank fisherman.


Fly-Fishing Techniques

The wooded setting makes it difficult for fly fisherman to cast. The dock offers a clear casting platform but can be crowded with other fisherman. Fly fisherman should utilize a roll cast when fishing from the shore of the lake. A float tube or pontoon boat also allows you to make a full cast.

The lake has a strong population of chironomids and callibaetis mayflies, which are imitated by a Griffith's Gnat, midge larva, pheasant tail and Parachute Adams. The insects can also be imitated with numerous other popular patterns. The lake also has a population of dragonflies and damselflies. Imitate these with wooly buggers, Doug's Damsel and adult foam blue damsel flies.

Spin and Bait Fishing

Spin and bait fishing are the two most popular methods of fishing the lake. Spin fishermen have success on rooster tails and small spoons, and bait fisherman use powerbait and worms. Fishing with bait under a worm is effective, but those seeking the bigger brood-stock fish should consider using weight and fishing off the bottom of the lake. This is especially true during the hot summer months when the big fish seek colder water on the bottom. Spin fisherman also can target the larger fish by allowing a spoon to sink deep or by using a fast-sink rapala.

The Park

Besides the fishing, Battle Ground Lake State Park offers visitors more than 200 acres of recreational land with hiking trails, equestrian trails, cabins, campsites, picnic areas and a group shelter. The park is open from 6:30 a.m. to dusk in the summer for those without a campsite and from 8 a.m. to dusk in the winter.


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