The Best Bass Bait Caster Reels

The Best Bass Bait Caster Reels
There are numerous high quality bait-casting reels on the market. The best reels balance the rod, have a smooth line release, use an advanced drag system and feel comfortable in your hand. The comfort factor is important because you will be casting repeatedly with the reel. Bait-casting reels also should be durable and have corrosion-resistant parts for striped bass fishing in salt-water environments. The best bait-casting reels can withstand a variety of fishing conditions and fisherman abuse.

Daiwa Viento

The Daiwa Viento is rated one of the best bait-casting reels for bass and won a "Field and Stream" magazine Best of the Best award. The reel uses a unique "Twitchin' Bar" to retrieve short amounts of line without having to crank the handle. The bar is great for jigging and uses slow retrieves on bass. The reel is built on an aluminum frame, uses six ball bearings, has anti-reverse and a 6.3:1 gear ratio. It is a very smooth reel with a free-floating spool and an advanced seven-disc drag system.

Daiwa Corporation
12851 Midway Place
Cerritos, CA, 90703


Shimano Calais

The Shimano Calais is a low profile bait-casting reel used by many bass fishermen. The reel has anti-rust bearings inside an aluminum frame, making it durable and capable of catching striped bass in salt water. The aluminum frame also makes the reel lightweight. The Calais has a classic feel with its click-drag adjustment and large casting knob. It is also easy to operate, according to, because the bearings are greased. The reel is easy to maintain because the swiveled side plate exposes the spool. Its durability and functionality make it a top choice of bass fishermen.

Shimano American Corp.
1 Holland
Irvine, CA 92618

Quantum Tour Edition

The Quantum Tour Edition was thoroughly tested by and rated as one of the best on the market. The reel has an ultralight design that uses a skeleton spool. The ceramic drag system, anti-reverse and centrifugal cast control features can be easily adjusted by the user. The reel's finish is also scratch-resistant. The reel also comes in right- and left-handed retrieve models with gear ratio options of 7.0:1 for the left-hand model and 6.3:1 for the right- and left-handed models.

Quantum Fishing
6105 E. Apache
Tulsa, OK 74115



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