Things to Do in West Wendover, Nevada

Things to Do in West Wendover, Nevada
West Wendover, Nevada, is a small city in the southeast corner of the state. It is also on the western edge of the Great Salt Lake Desert, which gives the city a great deal of land to offer for biking, hiking and ATV courses if you are looking to explore the area. Just make sure to bring a good deal of water to keep hydrated.

Leppy Hills

The Leppy Hills Trails area of West Wendover is perfect for anyone looking to go biking through the surrounding desert in a set course of trails. It is a good idea to follow the set trails and not wander too far off the beaten track because it is easy to become lost. The trails cover five miles throughout the area and is one of the only locations that has a "No Motorized Vehicle" rule in effect, which means no ATVs or motorcycles can be used on the trail. Occasionally throughout the year, there will be benefit rides throughout the Leppy Hills Trail system, with top riders taking in prizes.


With a good pair of walking shoes and some extra water, there are many locations around the area you will want to hike to. Some of these locations include Juke Box Cave and Danger Cave. Juke Box Cave is an naturally created cave that was turned into a dance hall during World War II by local servicemen. In addition, both caves are being excavated and researched by the University of Utah.

Motorized Vehicles

If you love your motorized vehicles, such as ATVs, motorcycles and dirt bikes, you may find West Wendover, Nevada, to be paradise. Almost the entire city can be explored by the smaller motor vehicles with specialized trails extending out of the city on both the east and western sides. If you are visiting the area, you will have enough trails to keep you busy for days, and you may want to take in the sunset over the surrounding desert on the western side of the trails.

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