Things to Do in Cozumel Mexico: Dune Buggies

Things to Do in Cozumel Mexico: Dune Buggies
Dune buggies are an exciting means of transportation in Cozumel. Feel the tropical breeze and get back in touch with nature as you cruise around in your rented dune buggy. You can rent dune buggies or take a tour in the area. You can even use them to get to all your favorite outdoor activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Rentadora Isleña Dune Buggy Rental

Rentadora Isleña features dune buggies that hold between four and five people. The buggies are built to hold scuba gear as well, if you're headed out for a dive. The buggies even have a place to store a cooler, making them the perfect tropical vehicle.

Rentadora Isleña
Calle 7 btwn Melgar and Fifth Avenue
011 +(52) 987 872-0788

Cozumel Dune Buggy Tours

You can take a dune buggy tour and get a true taste of the flora and fauna of Cozumel. Explore the white sandy beaches by buggy and then go for a swim in the crystal blue waters. For lunch enjoy a fresh Mexican lunch. Go snorkeling on the beach or just sip on Mexican beer. The tour averages around $90 per person.

Cozumel Dune Buggy Tours
Calle 7 Sur #49 Cozumel 77600
(866) 396-4230

Customizing Your Dune Buggy Trip

If you'd like to customize your dune buggy trip, certain tour companies may work with you to fulfill your needs. For example, if you'd like to go bird watching, your tour guide can adjust your dune buggy tour so that you can go bird watching. Maybe you'd rather go diving. Your dune buggy tour guide can pick spots for the best diving so that you can get the most out of your trip.

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