The Best Ways to Vacation in Bermuda

The Best Ways to Vacation in Bermuda
Bermuda is a beautiful island located about 640 miles off the North Carolina coast. The quaint little island is known for its pink sand beaches and pastel-colored buildings. There are a wide variety of activities for the whole family here, whether you're in the mood for adventure or just feel like relaxing in the beautiful paradise that is Bermuda.


Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa is certified by Green Hotels Association for minimal environmental impact. Get a true taste of paradise by relaxing on the resort's 30-mile-long private peninsula. The rooms are calm and relaxing with serene decor and beautiful views of either the exotic gardens or the endless ocean.
Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa
30 Kings Point Rd.
Sandys MA02, Bermuda
(441) 234-0331

Things to Do

Go snorkeling or scuba diving. Either way, enjoy the bounty of marine biodiversity as a result of the plentiful reefs (200 miles of reefs) that dot the waters around the island. You can also observe the incredible 300 shipwrecks that surround the island. Go fishing for the famous bonefish, barracuda or wahoo. Check out the Bermuda Botanical Gardens with its orchids, fruit garden and palmettos.
Pompano Beach Club Water Sports Center
36 Pompano Beach Rd.
Southampton SB 03, Bermuda
(441) 234-0222
The Botanical Gardens
169 South Rd.
Paget Parish, Bermuda
(441) 236-4201

Travel Tips

Passports are required for travel to Bermuda. The Bermuda dollar is equal to the same amount as the U.S. dollar. Water enthusiasts should be careful to avoid the deadly Portuguese man-o-war. The large jellyfish, which appears in the waters off of Bermuda between March and July, is stunningly beautiful with its deep blue, gas-filled pillow, but extremely deadly and poisonous.


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