Tips on Fishing in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

Tips on Fishing in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky
Lake Cumberland in Kentucky's Russell County spans more than 100 miles. Built after the completion of Wolf Creek Dam in 1951, Lake Cumberland offers some of the best fishing in the region. With a few valuable tips, you can learn the best ways to catch your favorite fish at the lake.

Best Times to Fish

The best time to catch stripers, rockfish and largemouth and smallmouth bass at the lake is during August and October. The lower portions of the lake are the best places to catch stripers or rockfish. Keep plenty of fresh line on your reel, because the fish, particularly the stripers, move in fast schools and jerk the rod hard while they tug at the bait. Use artificial lures, including surface plugs, to attract and catch bass April through early June and during the autumn months. If you use live bait, choose night crawlers or crawfish. In the summer, the fish gather at the mouth of the creeks to dine on shad and minnows. Spinner lure casts can get you several catches of bass and stripers near the creeks in the summer, when the fish are jumping for a feed.

Fishing Permits and Licenses

Take advantage of Lake Cumberland's annual Free Fishing Days the first Saturday and Sunday in June. All other times of the year, you must purchase and carry a license or permit while you fish. Trout fishing permits at the lake cost $10 per person (as of 2009), while a basic fishing license costs $20 per person. You can purchase licenses and permits at Lake Cumberland State Park.

Minimum Size Regulations

Anglers are permitted to catch five fish longer than 15 inches in the daily creel limit. The minimum size for crappie in Lake Cumberland is 10 inches. Largemouth bass have a 15-inch size minimum, while smallmouth bass have a minimum size of 18 inches. You can catch up to two striped bass a day at a 24-inch size minimum.

Rental Equipment and Overnight Stays

Cottage, cabin and lodge rentals are available along the peninsula and at the Lake Cumberland Resort and at Lake Cumberland Park. Accommodations start as small as two-bedroom facilities and go up to as large as five bedrooms. You can find an overnight stay for about within several feet or miles of the lake. Rates for accommodates range from $100 a night or $250 for three nights to $800 for a one-week stay. You can rent fishing equipment from the state park or Wolf Creek.

Lake Cumberland State Park
5465 State Park Road
Jamestown, KY 42629
(800) 325-1709

Lake Cumberland Resort
500 Roberts Bend Road
Burnside, KY 42519
(800) 750-5159

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