Camping in Temple & Belton, Texas

Camping in Temple & Belton, Texas
Temple & Belton, Texas, are located in almost the exact middle of the state. With several lakes located throughout the area, Temple & Belton may be the perfect camping locations for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily work week and take in the great outdoors.

Dana Peak Park

Dana Peak Park is located right outside of Temple in the city of Nolanville. This park is situated right on the lake and provides ample room for those looking to go boating, take a jog down beach or just soak up the sun. This location is best for tent camping and is situated close to Fort Hood, so people visiting loved ones on base can camp out nearby on Dana Peak Park.
Dana Peak Park
Nolanville, TX 76559
(254) 698-4282

Cedar Ridge Park

Cedar Ridge Park is right off of highway 36. It is a nice campground suitable for both campers and tents, but the grounds are almost a mile from the nearest body of water, so you can't camp right on the beach. There are trails to walk down to the water, and there are roadways that will take you to the area as well, so you will still be able to bring your boating equipment.
Cedar Ridge Park
Cedar Ridge Park Rd.
Temple, TX 76502
(254) 986-1404

Belton Koa Park

Belton Koa Park may be one of the easiest camp sites to get to due to its close proximity to Interstate 35 and highway 81. This campground is probably best for those looking to use an RV; however, it is not near one of the lakes in the area, so if you are looking to walk or bike down to the waterfront, you may want to look into a different site.
Belton Koa Park
2909 South Interstate 25
Temple, TX 76501
(254) 939-1961

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