Comparison of Heart Rate Monitors

Comparison of Heart Rate Monitors
Heart rate monitors are the ideal workout companion for those who enjoy bicycling, jogging, hiking and running. By keeping track of your target heart rate, calories burned and distance traveled, you are able to closely monitor endurance progress as well as ensuring every workout burns unnecessary body fat. Heart rate monitors are available in basic form as well as more advanced monitors that feature GPS technologies.

Garmin Forerunner 50 Heart Rate Monitor

This Garmin Forerunner 50 Heart Rate Monitor is the ideal workout companion for cyclists, runners and those who enjoy other forms of physical training. As a heart rate monitor, it is able to provide instant feedback concerning your hearts beats per minute as well as your target heart rate zone. Throughout a workout routine, this monitor gathers and stores data that includes distance traveled, pace, lap time and pace as well as calories burned and what your average heart rate is. All of this information can be sent to your computer for analysis and record keeping. For cyclists, the optional cadence/speed sensor is attached directly to your bicycle and reports your average speed and pedal cadence.

Availability: Online/Retail Stores
Average Price: $100

Polar Heart Rate Monitor-FT60

Those who engage in physical activity will be able to benefit from this Polar Heart Rate Monitor. This monitor has the capabilities to continuously capture data concerning your heart rate throughout a workout program. The HeartTouch feature automatically scans through heart rate information when you activate the exercise mode. Those who are exercising to lose body fat will enjoy the calorie counting feature of this monitor. The face of the watch will display the amount of calories that are being burned as well as how much fat has been utilized for energy during a single exercise. Moreover, you can view accumulative data concerning body fat usage over a weekly or overall graph.

Availability: Online/Retail Stores
Average Price: $220

Suunto T1C Heart Rate Monitor

This Suunto T1C Heart Rate Monitor is ideal for the beginner athlete. The exterior design of this monitor is quite stylish, with the option of choosing among four colors and the sides of the watch face are highlighted by stainless steel buttons. This monitor displays the average heart rate as well as your maximum heart rate. During an exercise routine it will display real-time intensity level as well as how many calories that are being burned. Standard heart rate monitors tend to malfunction when there are other monitors within close proximity; however, this monitor has been designed to resist interference from other devices.

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