Things to Do in Loudonville, Ohio

Things to Do in Loudonville, Ohio
Loudonville is located midway between Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio and home to several campsites and nature trails that cater to adventure seekers of all skill levels. Loudonville has been named the "Canoe Capital of Ohio" because of the wealth of canoeing opportunities along the Mohican River, but outdoor enthusiasts can also spend time exploring state forests, picnicking around the campgrounds and taking nature walks through the Mohican State Park during most months of the year.

Go Horseback Riding in Mohican State Memorial Forest

Mohican State Memorial Forest is home to 22 miles of horseback riding and hiking trails. It's located in southern Ashland County in Loudonville, and is managed by the Department of Natural Resources. The bridle trails are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., and the horse camp offers latrines, water for your horse and horse ties free of charge.

Mohican State Memorial Forest
Administrative Offices
945 ODNR Mohican Road 60
Perrysville, Ohio 44864
(419) 938-6222

Explore Mohican State Park

Mohican State Park and Forest cover 6,000 acres and boast 45 miles of hiking trails. The park caters to mountain bikers, picnickers, horseback riders and nature walking enthusiasts that want to take in the lush forest and rocky outcroppings scattered throughout the area. You can start your visit off with a trip to the Visitors Information Center to pick up maps and see photographs of some of the famous sites around the park.

Mohican State Park
3116 State Route 3
Loudonville, Ohio 44842
(866) 644-6727

Rent a Bike with Kim's Bikes

Spend a half-day or a full-day biking around Mohican State Park and other biking trails in Loudonville by renting a bike from Kim's Bikes. The bicycle rental shop offers local delivery and pickup services, and sells all types of bicycle accessories and equipment. The store is located in downtown Loudonville, so you can pick up some healthy snacks and food to go from the West Main Cafe or the Mohican River Inn while you're there.

Kim's Bikes
309 West Main Street
Loudonville, Ohio 44842
(419) 994-4855

Take a Canoe Trip with Arrow Point Campgrounds and Canoeing

Arrow Point Campgrounds and Canoeing offers 6 to 23-mile canoe trips on the scenic Mohican river, and caters to families and large groups that want to take group canoeing tours around the scenic area. As of 2009, the price of a canoe rental for the 6-mile trip was $35 per canoe, and canoe rentals for a 23-mile trip were $51 per canoe.

Arrow Point Campgrounds and Canoeing
6270 Twp Road 208 (Wally Road)
Loudonville, Ohio 44842
(419) 994-5374

Go Kayaking with Mohican Valley Campground

Mohican Valley Campground and Canoe Livery is the first canoe livery north of Mohican State Park and offers kayaking trips from May 1 through October 15 each year. You can choose from 6 to 18-mile trips (weather permitting) that will take you upstream on the Mohican River. Most trips last between 1.5 to 4.5 hours. As of 2009, the rates for a 6-mile kayak trip were $20.50 per person, and the rate for the 18-mile trip was $31.00 per person.

Mohican Valley Campground and Canoe Livery
3069 SR 3
Loudonville, Ohio 44842
(800) 682-2663

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