Travel Tips for Hailsham, England

Travel Tips for Hailsham, England
Hailsham is a small town in East Sussex, England, just 50 miles from downtown London. Hailsham is home to sweeping ocean vistas and a small-town feel that charms tourists wanting to experience England but wishing to avoid London's crowds. These travel tips for visiting Hailsham will help make your next English vacation unforgettable.


Outdoor enthusiasts will find the National Trail just outside Hailsham. The trail is a 100-mile path that runs across England, cutting right through East Sussex. The portion of the path in East Sussex is known as the South Downs Way, and is a great way to see the countryside on foot or on a bicycle.

South Downs Way


Hailsham's weather, like much of the rest of England, is relatively moderate compared to the weather found in neighboring countries. In the summer, the average high can reach 71 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter lows average 33 degrees Fahrenheit. If traveling to Hailsham in the summer, bring lightweight clothing like short-sleeved shirts. Winter tourists will want to pack regular winter gear, including a warm coat, while those visiting in the rainier fall season will find a rain jacket or poncho necessary.


Much of Hailsham is walking friendly, and tourists typically prefer this mode of travel so they can visit the town's boutiques and restaurants. Rental cars can be rented from Heathrow before driving to Hailsham, though toll roads and parking can add significant costs. Instead, rent a taxi. Taxis are metered, and most cab drivers can give you insider advice on local attractions and sightseeing options.

Jayline Taxis‎
8c George St
Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 1AE
+01 (323) 442-233‎

Cavalier Cars‎
1 Market Square
Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1AQ
+01 (323) 440-371‎


Hailsham doesn't offer as many attractions as London or other major cities, but it is home to several popular museums and science centers. Visit the Observatory Science Centre, built in the former castle that once housed the Royal Greenwich Observatory, and walk in the footsteps of ancient astronomers. Hands-on science displays exploring the principles of space and time will entertain children, while even adults will find the center's telescopes and galactic displays enthralling. Meanwhile, the Bexhill museum explores the region's past, featuring original artifacts from local wars and castles, as well as archaeology detailing the dinosaurs and other animals that once lived near and around Hailsham.

The Observatory Science Centre
Herstmonceux Castle
Herstmonceux, Hailsham BN27 1Rn
+01 (323) 832-731‎

Bexhill Museum
3 Egerton Rd
Bexhill, East Sussex TN39 3HL
+01 (424) 787-950‎

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