Tips for Traveling to Jordan

Tips for Traveling to Jordan
The Kingdom of Jordan is a Western Asian country; it's located near the Syrian Desert and is adjacent to Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Although it's not a popular vacation destination, adventure seekers will find the area's culture and climate unlike that of most countries. Discover tips on traveling to Jordan to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation experience.


Recreational hiking is not enjoyed by the populace as much as it is in North America. However, the region's rural environment makes casual exploration and hiking possible. For example, visitors may wish to hike through the Jordan Valley. A 15.5-mile unmarked trail can be found starting from the Palestinian village of Duma, winding along the valley before heading towards the ancient city of Jericho. If you are uncomfortable with wandering in unfamiliar desert territory on your own, employ the services of the local Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies, which offers guided hiking tours.

Siraj, Center for Holy Land Studies
Beit Sahour, Palestine
+972 2 274 8590


Jordan can be the site of anti-Western and anti-American viewpoints, and visitors from both Europe and North America may face discrimination and violence. Female visitors may also be targeted due to the country's views of women. Call the U.S. Department of State's safety phone line at (888) 407-4747 in Canada or the U.S. It can be reached at (202) 501-4444 when in Jordan. Call the numbers to determine whether there are any new safety threats or terrorism warnings. Women are encouraged not to travel alone and should carry a mobile phone.

Clothing and Weather

The country's weather can vary widely, and clothing should be chosen appropriately. Heavy coats, scarves, gloves and similar winter clothing are critical during Jordan's winters, while lightweight t-shirts and shorts are necessary during their humid, hot summers.

Money and Costs

The standard currency is the Jordanian dinar (JOD). Typically, the JOD can be worth 40 to 60 percent more than the U.S. dollar. Currency exchange services can be found in most major hotels and shopping centers, as well as at the airport. When touring Jordan, expect to spend JOD $1 to 5 for most meals in restaurants. Accommodations typically start at JOD $2 and can go as high as JOD $70. Wherever you are, tips are standard practice

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