Benefits of Purchasing a Vacation Timeshare

Benefits of Purchasing a Vacation Timeshare
A timeshare is a marketing term referring to a unit or property to which an individual has purchased a percentage of the ownership rights. Each part-owner receives a certain allotment of time during the year in which he can use the property. Purchasing a vacation timeshare has several benefits, including cost-savings and the potential ability to exchange your timeshare at another resort. Discover some of the benefits of owning a timeshare to help you determine if timeshare ownership is right for you.

Full Property Priviledges

Timeshare owners can typically take advantage of all the amenities offered by their property. This includes amenities typically reserved for paying hotel guests if your property is split between a timeshare and a regular resort. This may include pool and fitness room access, discounts at connected golf courses, free beach or poolside rentals and room service.

Family-Friendly Living Spaces

Most timeshare units are studios or full apartments or homes, so you have access to bedrooms, living areas and a kitchen. This can be advantageous for families or those traveling in a large group who don't want to pay for a suite in a hotel. In addition, having kitchen access can save considerable sums on daily living expenses.


Many timeshare properties are part of a global timeshare exchange network, such as RCI or Interval. You can exchange your time at your timeshare for a vacation at another timeshare. This allows you to exchange your annual vacation allowance for timeshares in the Caribbean and Europe.

Vacation Savings

Most timeshare agreements require you to prepay your timeshare costs. Prepaying can be beneficial, especially in volatile vacation markets where you expect prices to rise. By prepaying, you get your vacation at today's prices even if the price goes up later in the year. In addition, owning a timeshare rather than buying a vacation home eliminates the expenses connected to owning a second home, including real estate taxes, year-round insurance and maintenance.

Income Potential

Many timeshare owners choose to rent out their unused days at their timeshare. This can be a significant source of extra income, thereby making a timeshare unit a potentially lucrative financial investment.

Article Written By Josh Duvauchelle

Josh Duvauchelle is an editor and journalist with more than 10 years' experience. His work has appeared in various magazines, including "Honolulu Magazine," which has more paid subscribers than any other magazine in Hawaii. He graduated with honors from Trinity Western University, holding a Bachelor of Arts in professional communications, and earned a certificate in applied leadership and public affairs from the Laurentian Leadership Centre.

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