What Should I Know Before an Ixtapa, Mexico Vacation?

What Should I Know Before an Ixtapa, Mexico Vacation?
Ixtapa is a tourist resort district in Guerrero, Mexico. Located on a stretch of beach along the Ixtapa Bay on Mexico's Pacific coast, the district was originally founded by the government specifically for tourism. Every year, the region's sunny coasts, warm waters and lush forests attract thousands of tourists. Discover what you need to know before your next Ixtapa vacation to ensure you have a relaxing, enjoyable Mexican adventure.

Required Travel Documents

Travelers to Ixtapa must possess a valid passport to enter Mexico. In addition, you will be given a Mexico tourism card. You must keep this card on you at all times while in Ixtapa. Some tourists use a waterproof plastic carrying bag to store their passport and tourism card so they can bring it with them on hikes, trails or swimming.

Outdoor Activities

Nature enthusiasts will have ample opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in Ixtapa. Though hiking is non-existent, individuals can take easy to moderate-difficulty walks along Ixtapa Bay and the nearby Playa el Palmar, Ixtapa's main stretch of beach. Here, individuals can snorkel and swim above sweeping underwater coral vistas or try their hand at surfing. Most Ixtapa hotels either offer surf lessons or partner with a local surf school like the Troncones Surf Camp.

Troncones Surf Camp
Ixtapa, Mexico
011 (+52) 755 103 0018

What to Pack

Pack lightweight clothing like shorts, t-shirts and swimwear. You may also wish to bring a light sweater, as the breeze coming off of Ixtapa's beaches can be cool. Pack a bottle of your favorite sunscreen, too. Though sunscreen can be bought at the dozens of hotels dotting Ixtapa, you'll find prices to be steeply inflated. Semi-formal or business casual clothing should also be packed if you plan at dining at a restaurant in downtown Ixtapa, or if you want to frequent one of Ixtapa's many nightclubs.

Preparing Your Home to Leave

Traveling abroad to Mexico means you are often out of easy reach from your friends, family and neighbors. Notify a trusted neighbor or friend that you are leaving, and ask them to check your home while you're gone in case a problem arises. If you plan to be away for a week or more, ask the post office to put your mail on hold and also halt your newspaper subscription, as a buildup of mail and newspapers signifies you are gone and can attract thieves.

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