What to Take on a Vacation to Cancun?

What to Take on a Vacation to Cancun?
The sunny coasts and pristine waters of Cancun, Mexico, draw millions of tourists every year. Some come for a relaxing vacation, while others visit for the area's numerous outdoor trails, hikes and nature tours. Learn what to take on your next Cancun vacation so you're prepared to have the time of your life, whether its spent poolside or on a trek to a nearby Mayan ruin.

Travel Documents

Pack your passport and a copy of your hotel reservations. Keep both with you at all times, the former for identification purposes and the latter as a reference should you get lost. Additionally, you will be issued a Mexico tourism card upon entry into the country. Keep the card with you anytime you leave your resort. Some tourists like keeping these documents together in a waterproof pouch so they can carry them even while enjoying watersports or hiking.


Individuals who plan to go on a hike or trail should bring appropriate footwear. On most Cancun tourist hikes, a simple pair of sneakers with a good tread is sufficient. Those who want to do more strenuous hikes may wish to bring their own pair of hiking shoes. While footwear can sometimes be rented from your Mexican tour company or activity guide, such rentals are typically overpriced and not of the best quality. For the rest of your vacation, sandals and flip-flops are acceptable footwear around your Cancun resort or swimming pool.


Bring sunscreen to avoid purchasing it in your hotel's gift shop, where prices are often inflated. Individuals who plan to go on trails or swimming should bring a waterproof, sweatproof sunscreen with a high SPF. You may also want to bring a sheer sunscreen if you plan to explore downtown Cancun or go shopping, when sunscreen is still necessary but you want to avoid the greasy look.


Cancun's tropical weather makes lightweight clothing necessary. T-shirts and shorts are standard and acceptable clothing around your resort and in the city. Nights can be cool, however, especially when the ocean breeze kicks in. Thus, you may want to bring a light sweater or jacket. In addition, some restaurants and nightclubs require business casual or semi-formal clothing. Understandably, swimwear is also necessary.

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