How to Swim with Dolphins in Mallorca

How to Swim with Dolphins in Mallorca
Mallorca's name is derived from Latin and loosely translated means "larger island." As Spain's largest island, it is aptly named. Located off Spain's southeastern coast in the Mediterranean, the island is well-regarded for its spectacular scenery, warm hospitality and great cuisine. Mallorca belongs to the Ballearic island chain, and both common and bottlenose dolphins have been known to frequent its waters. Although dolphin sightings are not as common in Mallorca some other vacation destinations, with some planning it is possible to view them in the wild.

Channel between Mallorca and Minorca

Dolphins swim the waters off Mallorca and the other nearby islands that make up the Balearic Chain, including Minorca and Ibiza. The channel between Mallorca and Minorca northeast of Mallorca is probably your best chance to catch some dolphin action. While boat charters make no guarantees, they will take you out to these areas.

Timing is Everything

Bottlenose and common dolphins prefer warm or tropical waters, so the warm-weather months of April through September are when the dolphins are most likely to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. In Mallorca, the water temperatures peak in the low-to-mid 70s during July, August and September, which makes these months the ideal time to see dolphins.

Marineland Dolphin School

Mallorca's Marineland Dolphin school may be your best shot at seeing a dolphin up-close while you're on the island. The school offers 45-minute sessions where you can touch and meet the dolphins, and learn from expert trainers about how to protect them in their natural habitat. Although the school doesn't permit swimming, you can travel through the aquarium's tunnel where you are surrounded by glass on three sides and have the sensation of being in the water with the dolphins.

Marineland Mallorca
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Costa d'en Blanes 07184 Calvia
(+34) 971-675-125

Charter a Boat

Consider chartering a yacht or sailboat at the Mallorca Yacht Charter and Training if you are feeling luxurious. The company rents boats for the day or the week. A day spent out on a boat may be the best way to experience the Mediterranean Sea, view the island of Mallorca, and have a chance to see dolphins up close. The large bays of Alcudia and Pollensa on the northeast side of Mallorca have lots of room for visiting boats and are known for dolphin sightings.

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