List of London Attractions

List of London Attractions
London is known for its history, architecture and culture and attracts millions of tourists a year, according to the London Development Agency. You may have learned about its famous battles or notable events in history books, so why not see their legacies firsthand? Discover London's past within the walls of ancient towers, magnificent structures or even inside an old bus. If history is not your thing, take a hike to view the city and simply enjoy its beauty.

To the Tower!

Visit the infamous Tower of London, located in the south of the city, near the Thames river. Among the various attractions are displays of King Henry VIII's armor and the crown jewels, which the Tower of London website says is made up of 23,578 gems. Take a guided tour of the various towers, including the Tower Green, where executions were carried out. Tickets to the Tower of London can be ordered in advance or purchased at the door.

Tower of London
Tower Hill, London EC3N 4
United Kingdom
011 44 844 482 7777‎

Hike the Heath

Take a hike up Hampstead Heath, a 1,170-acre-large grassy hill located about four miles northwest of the center of London. The park is a perfect place to fly a kite or have a picnic with a spectacular view of the city. You can find several ponds and flowering shrubbery as well. The park is popular among resident nature enthusiasts as it boasts several species of birds and bats and more than 300 kinds of fungi, according to the Hampstead Heath website. Also located near the Heath is Highgate Cemetery, where Communist leader Karl Marx is buried. You can visiting the park for free.

Hampstead Heath Railway Station
South End Road, Camden Town, Greater London NW3 2
United Kingdom

Climb the Monument

Visit the Monument, a 200-foot-tall column built to commemorate the Great Fire of London that destroyed thousands of structures in London in 1666. The Monument reopened to the public in late 2008 after undergoing a restoration worth some $7.4 million, according to the official website dedicated to the attraction. Bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable shoes because it is 311 steps to the top. Tickets can be purchased on location.

The Monument
8 Fish Street Hill, London, EC3R 6DB
United Kingdom
011 44 207 626 2717

Hop Aboard a Double-Decker Bus

Visit London's Transport Museum. London is famous for its red double-decker buses, with their spiral staircases and back entrances, and vintage shiny black taxis. However, these iconic vehicles are becoming less prevalent as the city forsakes tradition for technology. London's Transport Museum, located in the Covent Garden's cobble-stoned, open-air market and shopping center in the center of town, allows visitors to view and sit inside a variety of old and discontinued London public transportation vehicles such as buses and trains. Buy tickets on location.

London Transport Museum
Covent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 7BB
United Kingdom
011 207 379 6344‎

Join the lions

Visit Trafalgar Square, located in the center of London. The popular people-gazing spot is home to Nelson's Column, a tribute to Admiral Horatio Nelson, who was killed while leading the British to victory over the French during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. It is often the scene of colorful political rallies. Tourists particularly enjoy climbing on the four bronze lion statues surrounding the column and sitting near the fountains and the steps near the adjacent National Gallery of Art. Visiting Trafalgar Square is free.

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square, London, Greater London, WC2N 5
United Kingdom

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