Comparison of Heart Rate Monitors With GPS

Comparison of Heart Rate Monitors With GPS
Heart rate monitors allow you to track your target heart rate during workouts, and many models offer a GPS function. For those who enjoy hiking and exploring trails, a heart rate monitor with GPS functions will allow you to freely explore your surroundings without the worry of becoming lost. Heart rate monitors with GPS feature a variety of functions and designs for the outdoor enthusiast.

Garmin Edge 305 Bicycle Heart Rate Monitor with GPS Navigator

The Garmin Edge 305 Heart Rate Monitor features a wireless heart rate monitor and a speed sensor. With a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, this monitor will be able to calculate speed, distance and altitude and then organize and catalogue this information for your review. The GPS receiver works under heavy tree cover and deep canyons. The monitor is able to determine how many calories you are burning in a single session and with the courses function, you are able to race against your own times to compare your current performance against your past sessions. This heart rate uses a chest band to record your heart rate and the monitor clips to your bicycle for easy and safe viewing.

Availability: Online/Retail Stores
Average Price: $160.00

Polar Heart Rate Monitor with G1 GPS Sensor - FT60G1

This heart rate monitor provides accurate speed and distance read-outs from the GPS sensor, and can set your performance goals. The Polar Heart Rate Monitor will calibrate an ideal training session that includes maximum heart rate and intensity rating based on your fitness level and age. There are 3 modes to display your heart rate: beats per minute, target heart rate percentage or a graph. If your heart rate moves below or above the target zone an alarm will sound to ensure you maintain a safe and effective workout. The G1 GPS Sensor determines your speed, distance traveled and with its high-sensitivity receiver it is able to monitor your location with a 3-meter accuracy.

Garmin Forerunner 405 Heart Rate Monitor with GPS

This Garmin Forerunner 405 Heart Rate Monitor is among the most technologically advanced monitors. The monitor looks like a standard digital watch. However, the touch bezel that surrounds the face of the display will allow users to use menus and functions. The GPS function monitors your speed, distance traveled and location. With the ability to mark specific locations you can stay on track through heavily wooded areas and with the starting point navigation feature, you are able to find yourself back to your original starting position. All of the information gathered during a workout is stored in the monitor. You can download it onto your computer to be analyzed.

Availability: Online/Retail Store
Average Price: $350.00

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